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Welcome To Prymal Productions – Your Home For Podcasters


Hi there, and welcome to the very first article in The Prymal Blog from me, Dan Campion, creator and owner of Prymal Productions Ltd. 

Throughout The Prymal Blog, we want to provide you with the type of quality information that’s going to help you start and grow your podcast. We’ll help you learn about recording, editing, producing, and distributing podcasts, how to decide what type of podcast you should create, what length it should be, what type of guests you should look for, how to engage with potential sponsors for your show, and much, much more. More importantly in many cases, we also want to help you learn how to find the information that’s most important to you, and how to use your podcast as a platform to grow as a person, to grow your business, to grow an audience, and to share your value and your discoveries with the world. 

In this first article of The Prymal Blog, we’re going to focus on: 


  • Why I started my company, Prymal Productions 
  • What we actually do
  • What I love about podcasts
  • Why you should start a podcast
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Why I started my company, Prymal Productions Ltd.


My journey towards creating this company started in 2011, the year I graduated with my degree in Athletic Therapy and Training (a form of sports-focused physiotherapy) after 4 years in Dublin City University (DCU). My college experience had taught me that there was so much more to actual learning and growth than simply going to school, learning how to do something, and then getting a job doing that thing. Working with people who were trying to recover from injury, and those who were trying to optimise their athletic performance, I quickly realised that there were many ways of achieving success, and this depended on several factors:

What does success look like to an individual? Because it differs for everyone.

What works most effectively for that person? Because what works for one person almost never works exactly the same for another. 

What is the motivation behind the information I’ve been given that shapes the decisions I am now making in my job and my personal life? Critically analysing something you are taught or told almost always leads to better decision making, and a better outcome (eg. for my patients at the time). 

Beginning to ask these questions awakened in me a thirst for real knowledge and understanding. I started to question a lot more, and, without becoming cynical, I began looking for sources of information that would help me grow as a person, information that had not necessarily been processed through the normal filters of state systems, corporate legal departments, marketing agencies or other bodies with motivations that were not necessarily to pass the most unbiased forms of pure knowledge down to the mere mortals like me.

Podcast Ideas


The Inspiration


For over a decade I worked in a functional medicine clinic in Dublin, NuaCell, helping to grow a practice based on finding solutions for people to achieve optimal wellness, using a combination of cutting edge medical treatments, in-depth testing and metrics, lifestyle management, nutrition, exercise and more, and through my research for new treatment protocols for the clinic, as well as a desire to enhance my own personal development, I discovered the world of podcasts. 

Around about the same time a good friend of mine also introduced me to what became a staple in my weekly list of shows, The Joe Rogan Experience. Love him or hate him, Joe’s influence in the world of podcasting is undeniable! 

A huge part of my job at the time was meeting new clients in our clinic and chatting to them about the ways we could potentially help them with their health and wellness. Due to the broad range of options we offered, and the unique nature of the clinic, these conversations were often dominated by me repeating the same principles and foundations several times a day, and so I decided to start my very first podcast, The Human Regeneration Project, as a way to help communicate a lot of this information and expertise that the NuaCell team had to our clients, to help them with their understanding of our service, and to educate and empower them when it came to taking control of their health. 

Alongside Dr.Sam van Eeden, the Medical Director at NuaCell, we explored the world of functional medicine, and the podcast received a lot of positive feedback and praise from our small audience. I really enjoyed the process, the conversations and explorations stimulated my mind, expanded my knowledge and drove my desire to learn more, and this sparked that first thought in my mind: I wonder how far I can go with this podcasting thing. 

Skip forward a few months, and myself and my then colleague and friend Jesse Moraes, a tech wizard and fellow podcast enthusiast, had decided that we wanted to start another podcast, and embark on an exploration of the world around us, to learn how to be healthier, happier, more productive, robust and purposeful human beings from the many, many people we knew could offer huge value and guidance in these areas. And so Prymal Productions was born, as a home for The Prymal Podcast, a studio where we could host amazing conversations, an environment that not only allowed us to create the highest level of audio and video production, but that was also perfectly designed to have those chats that seem to take 20 minutes but are actually 3 hours, that you engage with so deeply that they leave lasting impressions on your brain.


What do we actually do?


At Prymal Productions we build podcasters. What I mean by that is that we help our clients with all of the different aspects (and there are many) of creating quality, engaging and enjoyable podcast content, and this process is tightly linked with an undeniable element of personal growth and education. 

Our core services consist of: 

  • Podcast Production 
  • Studio Recording 
  • Post production and editing 
  • Creative Guidance
  • Coaching 
  • Podcast Growth & Development 
  • Guest Acquisition 
  • Sponsorship Acquisition 

We take a very hands-on approach with all of our clients. Creating a podcast is easy. Creating a good podcast, with an attentive audience and real value to offer, takes time, effort, dedication and an understanding of how people engage with and consume content today. Our mission is to make sure that each and every one of our podcasters is doing themselves and their ideas justice, by presenting them in the best light, with the highest quality of production, with true authenticity and genuine personality, and then to help them get that podcast in front of the people who will extract the most value from it. 

We work with clients who want to grow, who are eager to learn and engage in the process, who challenge themselves, challenge us, and push the boundaries of what is possible in this modern world.



What I love about podcasts


The one thing I have always found intriguing about a podcast is that I can have an idea, right now, record it, and distribute it on a wide variety of powerful public platforms, with not one single person telling me what to say, modifying my content, altering my ideas or filtering my thoughts. Someone can then listen to this if they choose to, and my thoughts and conversations are instantly available around the world for anybody to hear! This presents some obvious challenges in that much of what you will listen to is pure subjective opinion, without the benefits that can exist when something is regulated or moderated, however it removes something absolutely massive from the equation, and that is a third party/parties manipulating that pure content based on their interpretation of what you should hear/read/consume, which unfortunately is the case with many more ‘traditional’ or ‘mainstream’ media platforms and channels today. (These words have become somewhat clichéd, but I think they are still relevant!)

Now this is not a dive into conspiracy, simply an appreciation for a medium that can be, in some cases, unadulterated and uninfluenced by anything except the creator’s own thoughts and ideas, which of course do still come with their own biases. However, the beauty is that I get to decide for myself what I think about those thoughts and ideas, and form my own opinions, relatively comfortable in the knowledge that there has not been too much clever play in between designed to sway me in a particular direction! Of course, all of this is totally dependent on how much trust you have in the creator in the first place, but again the beauty of this forum is that you can listen to a wide variety of podcasts and podcasters, and decide yourself who you trust, what resonates with you and where you want to place your faith. 

Podcasting as the actual host also gives me such a rewarding sense of connection and growth, when I can have a conversation with someone who is giving me a real look into how their head works, how they think, sharing their ideas and expertise with me and giving me an opportunity to ask questions and engage with them, and we can share that conversation with whoever wants to listen.

Have I mentioned that I love podcasts?!



Why you should start a podcast.


If my little proclamation of love hasn’t inspired you yet, it’s only a matter of time before you ask yourself that question: “I wonder if I could do a podcast.”

One of the more common barriers I hear today that people lament about when this topic comes up, is that everyone has a podcast now. There are too many podcasts. While it is true that there are literally millions of podcasts on the airwaves at the time of writing this article, and that starting a podcast is more accessible than ever, meaning more people than ever are starting a podcast, the simple fact is that each and every person on the planet has a story, a personality and a collection of experiences and life lived that nobody else has, and therefore can offer a unique and individual perspective to a conversation or a podcast that nobody else can. 

Just because someone else has a football radio show doesn’t mean you can’t have one too. Just because there’s a bakery down the road doesn’t mean you can’t open your own bakery. Lots of people like different radio stations and shop in different bakeries, because people have different tastes, and people connect and resonate with different brands, people, shops, creators… the list goes on! Another fact to consider is that creating a podcast that people want to listen to is hard. It requires effort and energy, consistency and commitment, and now more than ever people are demanding a higher standard of content in exchange for their time. True, there are millions of podcasts, but how many of those actually tick any of those boxes? How many are simply just passion projects that run out of steam because the creator didn’t have a plan? 

Meditate on that for a while, and when you’re ready to start your podcast, give us a call! 

I hope you enjoyed this introduction article to The Prymal Blog, we’ll have plenty more podcast content coming, so make sure you sign up to the newsletter so you never miss a trick!

The Prymal Blog

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