Rachael Lee – Breaking Records, Saving Lives and Being Happy -#13

Sep 28, 2020 | Prymal podcast | 0 comments

Rachael Lee

Rachael Lee is a Paramedic/Firefighter from Dublin who spends her days working to save lives and help others. Rachael is also a decorated competitive ocean swimmer, who currently holds the joint World Record for the North Channel Fastest One Way 3-Person Relay Crossing, as well as the individual Irish record for the fastest crossing of the English channel, male or female.

 In this episode Rachael explains how she developed the resilience and mental strength to achieve these fantastic athletic feats, how she balances a very physically and emotionally demanding job with raising a family, coaching ocean swimmers and her own training, and she talks about the difficulties facing many people today in normal life, and how setting goals and building mental toughness is so important for overcoming these challenges. 


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