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If you would like to chat to us about creating your podcast, production services, creative consulting or you have a project you think we could help you with, simply get in touch with us here and we can talk about your requirements.


At Prymal we believe that the only setup we’re comfortable advocating to you, is the very one we use ourselves, and so all of the gear and services you see below are what we use in our own content creation projects, including the Prymal Podcast. If you are interested in purchasing any of the gear we use yourself, we’ve also included some links for you below to save you some time!


We use high end professional dynamic microphones like the Rode Procasters to capture vocal audio while eliminating ambient noise. We also use other variations of mic for voice overs, interview work and commentary.


Prymal Studios is set in a comfortable studio optimized for audio production as well as the overall podcast experience, with specialized equipment, luxury seating courtesy of Secret Lab, excellent internet access, and an environment designed to allow you and your guests to focus purely on the content. 


Studio monitoring over-ear headphones, such as the Audio Technica ATH-M50 X are used to ensure you can monitor your audio and guarantee the highest quality recordings. They also look cool!


We use GarageBand for our own podcast production, EQ work etc, however if you are more familiar with other forms of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) we can always work with you to find a solution.


The studio is equipped with a 2019 i9 iMac for recording and editing purposes, a 4k Samsung smart tv for screen sharing, browsing etc during podcasts. a Presonus Studiolive AR8 USB mixer, a Zoom H6 Recorder for portable or off-site recording plus all required XLR cables etc.


At Prymal we can provide a range of general podcast production and post production services to assist you in creating that professional sounding audio, as well as creative advice and guidance if you are totally new to the world of podcasts.

If you would like to discuss a creative project, or enquire about starting your own podcast, why not get in touch for a chat. We’re very friendly!

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