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What do we do for podcasters

at Prymal Productions? 


Podcasts are great, but creating a good one that stands out among the millions of shows out there can be tricky.

That’s why we’ve designed a custom service to help you take care of all of the elements of podcasting that most people struggle with.

From professional quality sound and video production, studio recording with your guests, distribution, sponsorship and partnership deals, memberships and coaching services to help you grow your show and more, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to create a fantastic podcast.

Do your story justice, and let us help you tell it properly.

Simply drop us a message and set up a free consultation to chat about how we can help you grow your next chart topping podcast, grow your audience, and tell your story!

Podcasting, Recording, Coaching & Growth.

Based in Swords, Co.Dublin, we’ve built a customised space for podcasters, and we work with you to build your high quality, authentic engaging and chart-topping podcasts!

Recording & Production

Professional podcast recording and production services.

Custom Built Studio

Bring your guests into a comfortable, relaxed space built specifically for podcasts.

Grow Your Community

Much more than a simple recording studio, we help you build a network, engage your listeners and join a community,

Want to find out more about how it works or set up a FREE consultation to start your podcast now?

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The Prymal Podcast


Building robust, healthy and happy humans, the Prymal Podcast explores the world of health, nutrition, performance, business, life and success. With interviews and stories from inspirational guests and experts from fascinating fields, optimize your body, solve your problems, experience the world and take control of your life.
This is not self-help, this is Prymal.