Neal O’Keeffe – Aesthetic Goals and Lockdown Woes – #15

Dec 1, 2020 | Prymal podcast | 0 comments

Neal O'Keeffe

@neal_nufitness is a Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach and owner of NU Fitness gym in Malahide, Co.Dublin. Neal’s speciality lies in helping his clients achieve their aesthetic body composition goals, transforming their appearance through fat loss and muscle gain. ⠀

Neal has also recently been extremely involved in a huge national campaign to keep gyms and fitness facilities open during the COVID 19 lockdown, explaining that these services should be classed as essential, as so many people rely on them for their physical and mental wellbeing.⠀

We also discussed the changes and challenges that have presented themselves in the fitness industry as a whole in recent times, the positives and negatives associated with the desire to look good and shape your body, the pressures felt by people to conform to what is deemed ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’ and much more! ⠀





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