Eoin Lacey: Eat, Sleep, Train & Plan for Better Health – #01

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Eoin Lacey - Nutrition

Eoin Lacey from the Irish Strength Institute is a performance consultant, an expert in nutrition, strength and conditioning, functional medicine, performance and more, who has worked with a wide range of clients from elite international athletes and high performance CEOs to people with personal health or weight issues, and much more. Eoin explains on this episode how to develop an understanding of what your own body needs, how to create a goal oriented and focused approach to your health, and how to make good decisions regarding various areas like sleep, diet, exercise and so forth.

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Show Notes

3.00 –  Eoin Lacey gives a summary of his career and journey. 

3.45 – Eoin realised everyone is different and needs a different approach to 

4.20 – 5 hours a week only represents a small % of your week in hours. 

6.00 – Followers online doesn’t make you an expert. 

6.30 – Your “health car” outlines your health destination and journey. 

8.50 – General information is for general population, you have to be specific with your plans. 

10.00 – Eoin is from the Irish Strength Institute, he explains the difference between the ISI and his own functional health clinic in Malahide. He deals with allergy issues, fertility issues, immune isses etc. 

11.20 – Intermittent fasting, ketogenic diets, vegan diets, carnivore diets, what do they mean? 

12.30 – There is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate really, vitamins minerals, proteins and fats are compulsory. 

13.00 Eoin strongly suggests everyone has bloodwork done to understand what they should be consuming. 

13.30 – Why do most people change their diet? 

14.10 – There is no such thing as ‘balance’ when it comes to nutrition. 

15.10 – Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s good for you. 

15.50 – A ketogenic diet is designed to convert the type of fuel your body runs off. 

16.30 – Just because you eat a lot of fat doesn’t mean you burn a lot of fat. 

17.40 – Dr.Agostino is one of the biggest researchers around ketogenesis. 

18.00 – For mood control and weight management the keto diet can be a good tool. 

18.30 – Vitamin D is very low in Ireland. 

22.15 – When you get up in the morning, are you at 100% charge? 

23.00 – Irish people will get up at 60% and still go about their day without addressing it. 

24.00 – Don’t wait until you have a heart attack, a miscarriage, a major health scare, before you do something about it. 

28.00 – Every human in the world has a problem with gluten. It can cause gut issues, mood, motivation, brain fog and so forth. 

30.00 – The If-Then method. If you do one thing, you react and create a positive response. Find out what your derailers are that cause you to go off track. 

31.50 – In order to achieve any sort of success, you have to plan for it. 

31.50 – A full focus planner helps to outline your goals. 

32.00 – What’s your why? Why do you want to enhance your health? 

34.00 – Mindless eating is very prevalent in Ireland. 

35.00 – The glymphatic system helps to clean out your brain while you sleep. 

36.40 – Zeitgebers are environmental influencers on our internal clock. 

37.20 – Cortisol is a catabolic hormone. Increasing levels of cortisol in unhealthy individuals can cause problem. 

38.50 – Not having dinner can be a better intermittent fasting strategy than not eating breakfast. 

39.20 – Training in the evening can cause disrupted sleep. 

41.00 – An intermittent fast is not necessarily a calorie restriction, but it can be. When you calorie restrict you are also at risk of becoming nutrient deficient if you’re not careful. 

42.15 – If you change someone’s macro nutrients, you will have a 14 day drop in performance. 

43.30 – The ACL has oestrogen receptors, women have a higher risk of ACL tears. 

46.40 – How does the Game Changers and information like that affect people’s decisions to change lifestyle? 

47.30 – You can live a very healthy life on a plant based diet, but it needs a lot more attention and education. 

54.00 – There are a lot of so-called experts who are giving bad recommendations to people. 

57.20 – Dr.Layne Norton explained his own individualised approach with clients to Eoin. 

1.02.00 – People need to use supplements at the right time, in the right way, in the right dose. 

1.03.20 – Some take home hints and tips from Eoin Lacey. No.1 – sort out your sleep. 

1.06.40 – If you get in excess of 2000 looks in the morning, it resets your body. 

1.08.50 – In order to have a good night sleep, you need to have a good morning. 

1.12.00 – The number one way to slow down ageing is to get better sleep.

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