Eoin Lacey – Your Performance Roadmap – #22

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Eoin Lacey


Almost exactly one year since he joined me on the very first episode of the Prymal Podcast, the masterful Eoin Lacey is back! 

Eoin is a performance consultant, which essentially means that he uses an in-depth knowledge of health, wellness, nutrition, medicine, strength and conditioning, habit formation and many more facets of optimal living to help his clients, other coaches and you and I achieve our performance goals. 

While this might sound like the CV for an elite Olympic level sprint coach, which Eoin has probably been at some point, the incredible truth is that when you listen to him discuss all of these different aspects of the human being, it doesn’t matter who you are or what your goals are, you can employ so many of his teachings to so many different parts of your life, and if you do, you are guaranteed to be leveling up your health, your function, your wellbeing and end up feeling utterly empowered. 

In this episode we touch on many different aspects of being ‘healthier’, and we specifically discuss hormonal health for both men and women, and the important part this plays in the big picture, and also Eoin’s thoughts and advice on the type of physical activity and training that can contribute to a more resilient and robust person designed to manage the stresses of life.







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