David O’Connor – Run For Your Head, Run For Your Life – #20

Feb 1, 2021 | Prymal podcast | 0 comments

David O'Connor

David O’Connor is a Strength and Conditioning coach, an ultra endurance athlete and a mental health advocate who is using his own experiences with depression and suicidal ideation to help raise awareness and funds for those who suffer with their mental wellbeing. 

David has completed some amazing feats of endurance and fortitude, all in the name of helping others, and in this episode he opens up about his journey, how he struggled for years from a very young age with dark thoughts, constantly battling his own mind, how he started to find methods of managing and how that led him to wanting to get involved with providing support for others, and particularly for young people through sport. 

A very honest story from a really genuine man.

Thank you Dave!






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