Darragh Stewart – Sexuality, Science, Spirituality and Psychedelics – #27

Aug 9, 2021 | Prymal podcast | 0 comments

Darragh Stewart Prymal Podcast_

Darragh Stewart (Phd) is the epitome of a bridging force between science and spirituality. With an extensive background in research in the fields of Natural Science and a Phd in Plant Developmental Genetics, Trinity College Dublin, Darragh’s own personal experience of trauma and anxiety in his twenties led him on a journey of self growth and healing, and today he uses that experience and knowledge to help men and women in a wide variety of ways, from men’s circles and one to one sessions, to psychedelic retreats, microdosing, and much, much more. 

In this episode Darragh explains how he moved from a formal background in the sciences to taking a more integrative and holistic approach to life, how his own personal experiences were the driver for his current work, and we go deep on the traumas and crises that many men and women are dealing with today, from identity, spirituality and purpose to sexuality and more. An absolute cracker of an episode.

Thank you Darragh.




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