It’s what We Do.

At Prymal Productions we provide more than podcast production.

We want to help you to tell your story, grow your audience and really connect with your podcast audience.

Prymal Productions Ltd was born from a thirst for answers, for a deeper connection to who we are.


  • Podcast recording and production services
  • Coaching on podcast development, growth and distribution
  • Creative guidance
  • Interview and Communication skills

and much much more!

Prymal is a resource for building the best podcasts.

Tell your story.

Our Services

Prymal Studios Rental and Podcast Production

Prymal Studios is a recording haven, a hub of creativity custom designed to help you achieve your flow state. Create your own masterpiece in a professional grade studio environment.

Creative Storytelling

Work with our creative team to tell your story, develop your narrative and connect with your audience, there are so many ways to spread your message!

Prymal Presentations & Seminars

Join the Prymal community as we present a collection of the great minds of our times, the success stories, the motivators, the educators and the leaders.

The Prymal Podcast

The beating heart of Prymal, the Prymal Podcast is a resource for life, a storybook, a glance behind the curtain.

We’ve got questions, and we’re looking for answers. Questions about health and wellness, fitness, mindfulness, entrepreneurship, success and much, much more.

How do you develop behaviors that will shape the type of person you want to be? What do you eat to live a long and healthy life? How do you build a business, buy a house, grow a family, transform your body? Why are some people sad, why are some wealthy, what makes us human?

Join us as we talk to people who can help us find the answers.


At Prymal Productions, we like to connect with all sorts of interesting companies and brands. Check out some of our associates, customers and partners below!

Prymal Studios

Everyone has a story.

Whether you want to share your memoirs, discuss the latest sporting trends with your best pals, share your expertise in nutrition or fitness with your clients or promote your business or service, Prymal Productions want to help you get your message out there, using the unique medium of podcasting.

Click below to see how we can help you spread the word and start your own podcast today!


Prymal People

We meet some fascinating people on our journey through life, this is a small sample of the beauts we’ve come across so far!

“As a start-up, a podcast was something we aspired to, but had no idea where to start. With Prymal, the process was easy and professional, from studio to editing to finished product. We can’t recommend Prymal highly enough.

Noel Cowman

Owner/Head Trainer , Intelligent Fitness

“Dan and Jesse have helped me run my podcast The Human Regeneration Project for some time now, as well as a host of other video and media services, and their unique interest and experience in the health and wellness world has led to us creating some fantastic resources for my clients together. Prymal is a brilliant platform for growing your business and spreading your message.”

Dr.Sam van Eeden

Medical Director/Surgeon, NuaCell

“Recording a podcast can be a daunting experience if you’ve never been in a studio listening to your own voice before! Dan and Jesse are thoroughly professional and put us at ease from the start; the Prymal studio is like a little sanctuary and recording with them felt like having an informal chat with friends. They are very knowledgeable and obviously take great pride in delivering the best quality service.

Meredith Emily

Owner/Head Trainer, Intelligent Fitness

Create your masterpiece!


If you would like to chat to us about creating your podcast, production services, creative consulting or you have a project you think we could help you with, simply get in touch with us here and we can talk about your requirements.

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